If you have a cause, we want to help with The Solution!

As a small family owned company we are all about helping the community we are part of. If you have a cause, illness, tragedy, natural disaster, or any other cause, we want to help you bring a little light into it.

To set up a fundraiser, call the location you would most desire to work with.

  • Eau Claire 715-514-3686
  • Hudson 715-808-0336
  • Woodbury 651-207-5034

We will set up the fundraiser publicly on our registration page (the more the merrier right!?) with a description of the cause. We will charge for the event whatever you like, anything above $29. We recommend you price between $35 and $40 since those are our normal prices and are not off-putting to return participants. Though we have had organizations charge much more, justifying it by adding a raffle and prizes.

Pricing breakdown

We will take our children’s cost $29/head
Anything over $29 goes to you!

For example $40 – $29 = $11 for your cause.

Payment for the donations received will be issued the same day or night of the event.